- unique stoneware

The spiral, as a symbol. has been used in all ancient cultures. It is in our DNA as well as in nature all around us; we even live in a spiral formed galaxy.

My work with spirals connects me with the core of creativity, reminding me of constant evolution, expansion and never ending development of consciousness.

The spiral teaches us to be aware of our connection with universal energies, to dream and to trust our infinite intuition into growth and liberation.

When you meet spirals on your way I hope they will enrich your own creativity and sense of beauty, will open your heart and unify your inner visions and deepest vishes with balance and direction.

To me the spiral simply represents the miracle we live in.


- ceramics for sale


-not for sale


I wish to celebrate the dynamic, vibrant and multifaceded atmosphere I experienced when living and working 10 years in NØRREBRO, Copenhagen.

An inspiring diversity of people, shops and food from the entire planet. Here your find mainstream and specialities entangled, side by side, as if they were living spirals chatting to each other. Out of concrete and asphalt, the miracle of nature survives.

The neverening spiral evolution.

These vases are handmade in stoneware. The earthly appearance and the natural structure of the spiral invite flowers to thrive, shine and show their full beauty to us.

Let's make flowers happy!

 Work in progress

- Creating sculptural big dishes

ved drejeskiven. århus kunstakademi 2005
Kath fad-produktion 2