Born artist in 1975 - Educated ceramist since 2005

A tribute

The human race is uniquely gifted with the ability to create.

We have the potential to reflect upon WHY we walk on the earth the way we do.

We have a choice.

When I choose to let the artistic flow unfold and create pieces of art, it is a tribute to our shared beautiful planet, a tribute to the miracle that we are living on- and are being supported by - earth, and a tribute to the love that binds it all together.

I truly believe that we are all artists - that everybody is shaping and co-creating reality.
Done consciously, every single movement you make is an artistic creation and every footprint a piece of art.

It is my hope and vision that we start co-creating more and more - expanding the concept of what art is, especially beyond the commersial and celebre way of seeing art - and start percieving the world as a 'social sculpture' where love is what binds it all together.