Kathrine Bak Kjærgaard

Danish Ceramic Design


The spiral, as a symbol, has been used in all ancient cultures.

It is in our DNA as well as in nature all around us; we even live in a spiral formed galaxy.

My work with spirals connects me with the core of creativity, reminding

me of constant evolution, expansion and never ending development of


The spiral teaches us to be aware of our connection with universal energies, to dream and to trust our infinite intuition into growth and liberation.

When you meet spirals on your way I hope they will enrich your own

creativity and sense of beauty, will open your heart and unify your inner

visions and deepest wishes with balance and direction.

To me the spiral simply represents the miracle we live in.



Stoneware vases from my beloved neighborhood 'Nørrebronx'.

They are as wild and charming as the area itself - and are made with love to celebrate the joy of all flowers.

Deep gratitude from my heart goes to the Huni Kuin People for inspiration without borders and for the most beautiful encounters

- uniting our world.


With love and deep respect I dare to interpret their traditional patterns onto stoneware, to celebrate the gifts of the Amazon Rainforest to the entire planet.